The ITHACA project is one of the 84 scientific projects selected by Sorbonne University’s SUAVES ANR project to build an art-science photography exhibition. This is a scientific mediation and communication project that aims to establish a dialogue between scientists and photographers in order to disseminate their research to a wider and more diverse audience.


Part of the “Voices, arts, music” category, managed by photographer Virginie Merle, the ITHACA project, through its French team, will be the subject of a large-format photo for the final exhibition, which will take place in Paris at the end of 2024, before touring the rest of the country. A small collection of digital photos will also be posted on the project’s website, and a campaign of captioned photographic publications will be made available to the public.


The SUAVES project thus became an opportunity for Michaël Gasperoni (CNRS researcher, CRM) and Paraskevi Michailidou (Data engineer, CRM) to share and bring to the fore their research work on the migration of Jewish communities in Italy during the modern period, carried out as part of the historical axis of the ITHACA project.


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