BRIDGES: Assessing the production and impact of migration narratives

BRIDGES is an H2020 project that aims to understand the causes and consequences of migration narratives in a context of increasing politicisation and polarisation with a three-fold objective: analysing the processes of narrative production and impact, and why some of them become dominant over others, from an academic perspective; fostering evidence-based policies by providing recommendations at the EU and national levels; and societal, by creating spaces for dialogue between actors involved in narrative production. To do so, BRIDGES adopts an interdisciplinary and co-productive approach and is implemented by a diverse consortium of 12 universities, research centres, think tanks, cultural associations, and civil society organisations from all over Europe. The project aims to build BRIDGES between disciplines and methodologies, between different stages in the development of migration narratives, and between research and practice. BRIDGES focuses on Europe as a whole, and on six countries in particular: France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Crises as OPPORTUNITIES: towards a Level Telling Field on Migration and a New Narrative of Successful Integration

The H2020 OPPORTUNITIES project seeks to overcome the toxic debate on migration in Europe, which undermines the process of European construction itself, by creating a forward-looking debate grounded on a fair dialogue on migration and successful integration. It brings migrants, citizens and stakeholders together to learn to listen to each other and to create a common story. An enriched art of storytelling is at the heart of the project. The result is a common story that opens a window of opportunities to start a fair dialogue on migration. The aim is to establish these cross-talks methods at the local and regional levels in several European and African countries, inviting policymakers and civil society actors to implement them. By doing so, the project seeks to demonstrate how a reactive mode of crisis management can be transformed into a shared new narrative of integration, using the potential of stories to foster cross-cultural understanding. Moreover, OPPORTUNITIES uses art-based methods and an international theatre production to promote this fair dialogue.