Interconnecting Histories
and Archives for Migrant

ITHACA aims to analyse migrations from the Middle Ages to the present day, within a rigorous historical framework. The development of the ITHACA platform will allow researchers, practitioners, policy makers and migrants to work with a digital database of narratives,  documents and archival sources.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004539 and brings together 12 different partner organisations.




Involved Countries



1. Approach & Research

The superarchive will be a multilingual, collaborative, and user-friendly digital platform. The key goal is to provide content and digital tools to researchers, archivists, politicians, practitioners, students, and the public through a clear and accessible architecture. With an intuitive interface and multilingual content presentation, it will be accessible to migrants, and it will, also, be organised on two levels (past – current), with the aspiration of getting policymakers to pay more attention to the historical and long-term dimensions of migration problems by combining past and present studies structurally.


2. Migrant Agency

The project contends that historical research and analysis of current events can aid the development of more innovative and sustainable migration policies in the future. Furthermore, migrant narratives are seen as a form of critical witness to contemporary transnational migrations, and a thorough examination of their transformative potential will help to facilitate the opening of public spaces. The MigrAPP is an interactive archival platform that consists of oral, written, visual, and media records of contemporary migrations. The app will also enable migrants to upload and share their own stories and experiences. The MigrAPP is thus central to the project’s viability. All content uploaded will be scientifically studied and processed, and only authorized users will have access to it.


3. New narratives & new policies

Local Policy Councils will raise awareness by providing information about the study and gathering of information that considers the effect of social media on perceptions. The national councils will broaden the reach of local councils, with the accumulation of the superarchive as a primary goal. By identifying issues relevant to urgency of the ongoing European migration agenda, the International Policy Councils will promote a more informed debate. Policy briefs based on the values that should inspire policies will be developed on a regular basis in collaboration with the Policy Councils. They will include policy proposals, which will be more operational and propose specific policy decisions.