Jerusalem Quarterly First Special Issue

UNRWA Archives   Co-editors: Maria Chiara Rioli and Francesca Biancani   The present issue of Jerusalem Quartely is the first of two special issues that focus on the UN agency [...]

Archives and Potentiality

Archives and Potentiality in Jordanian Jerusalem (1948–67)   Authors: Vincent Lemire, Maria Chiara Rioli   The history of Jerusalem through the Jordanian period is still largely unexplored by historiography. Generally [...]

Female Migrant Street Prostitution during COVID-19 in Milan

Female Migrant Street Prostitution during COVID-19 in Milan. A Qualitative Study on How Sex Workers Coped with the Challenges of the Pandemic   Authors: Federica Cabras, Ombretta Ingrascì   The [...]

Our lives and bodies matter

Our lives and bodies matter: memories of violence and strategies of resistance among migrants crossing the Mediterranean   Author: Monica Massari   This article addresses the counter-effects of the politics [...]

Archives-in-the-Making, Vulnerable Communities and Migration

Archives-in-the-Making, Vulnerable Communities and Migration: Outreach and Innovative Scholarship in Audiovisual-Based Research Projects and Associations   Authors: Matteo Al Kalak, Gianluca Gatta   This edition of (Dis)Agreements is the product [...]