Policy Councils

The policy councils that are founded as the operations base forITHACA are of local, national, and international range. Local councilsperform actions to enhance understanding about the archive re-search and its deliverables. There are three main pillars, on whichlocal councils focus. Firstly, the Media and their role on shapingopinions, Policies and the way they affect and are affected by nar-rations on migrations and Narrations that will help new policies tobe formed. Secondly, the National Policy Council holds the positionof boosting the aforementioned scopes and its main objective is thedevelopment of the Superarchive. Thirdly, the International PolicyCouncil will give a European Dimension by debating on migrationand pointing out the importance of the European migration agenda.

Policy Briefs

Policy briefs based on core values are intended to inspire policies and will be developed on a regular basis in collaboration with the Policy Councils outlined in WP5. They will include policy proposals which will be more operational and propose specific policy decisions as part of their conclusions. Evidence-based, concise, readable, usable, realistic, feasible, and action-oriented documents will be produced. In addition, they will summarise the key takeaways from the Policy Councils and disseminate the findings to raise awareness of best practices among policymakers, practitioners, and stakeholders. A policy brief containing the contributions of the 8 partner countries will be published after each round of policy councils (local, national, and international).