Migrants and COVID-19: Media Representations, Self-Representations,
Institutional Communication

How did media represent migrants? How did migrants represent themselves? And how did health institutions communicate with migrants during COVID-19 times?

These three questions led the first round of Policy Council Events, a series of meetings where stakeholders involved in the migration discourse are engaged to discuss issues relevant to the ongoing European migration agenda, research progresses and results. Migrant people, associations, policy makers, practitioners, journalists and media experts at the local, national and international levels in 8 of the ITHACA countries are protagonists of the ITHACA PCEs.

Results and recommendations are available in the first ITHACA Policy Brief.

Qualitative research in support of Euro-Mediterranean migration policies

This Policy Brief intends to provide answers and recommendations concerning two main

• How do qualitative and archival research relate with migration policies at the local,
national and international level around the Mediterranean and beyond today?

• In the future, how can the relationship between qualitative and archival research and
actual migration policies be more collaborative and effective?