All those who want to share a personal migration story are invited to participate in the ITHACA Diary Contest. The main aim of the ITHACA Diary Contest is to develop a new narrative of migration seen through the migrants’ own eyes and their multiple points of view. The deadline is the 30th of April.


The most meaningful narratives will be published in a collective, multi-language and open-access book, part of the ITHACA Series described here below. Other videos, audio contributions and paintings or photographs will be displayed on the ITHACA website, social media and at the Pieve Prize Saverio Tutino, in Italy, the next September 2024.


All information is available here.


In a recent interview while travelling around the Mediterranean to promote the Contest, Paule Yao, responsible for this project task, said: “We continue to miss what is really at stake: a narrative that embraces the dignity and subjectivity of those who have chosen the experience of migration”.


She continued discussing how, across Europe, migration, asylum and inclusion are divisive and polarising topics in the public sphere. The way people talk, write about and perceive migrants significantly influences the political discourse and individual perceptions. Migrant people continue to be portrayed in a limited way or downright negatively, with little nuance.