The ITHACA project focuses on narratives of and on migrants both in the past and in the present. The main aim is to analyse the migrations from the Middle Ages until today, within a rigorous historical framework. The main goal of the project is the creation of the ITHACA platform – a digital database for researchers, practitioners, policy makers and migrants – that will enhance narratives, documents and archival sources collected during the research phase. Furthermore, ITHACA will develop an interactive space for collecting and disseminating migration narratives with the aim of impacting on the public discourse. In these regard, the project will produce other tools on migration, such as archival-historical training sessions, MOOCs for scholars, practitioners, and potential migrants, two Apps for self-recording migration testimonies (MigrAPP) and for Museums (Migration experience), at least 15 interactive maps showing the transformation of migration routes and flows, along a period of five centuries. ITHACA will also promote the ITHACA Diary Contest to select the most significative narratives of today’s migration.